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Cookbook 2024

We are preparing a custom cookbook featuring favorite recipes from our benefactors, friends and family. Our last cookbook was published over twenty years ago, I think it’s time for a new one. Though we don’t have a firm price, we expect the cost to be $15 with an additional $4 to $6 to cover the cost of shipping and handling. If you pre-order, we will waive the shipping and handling.

We hope to have 200 to 250 recipes, additional cooking information, photos, a history of the Shrine and Patron Pages. If you are interested in being a Patron, please contact the Shrine at 636-938-5361, or check out our website, It is my hope that you will join with us and submit your favorite recipe(s) to share with everyone.

You may submit a recipe in two ways – via the internet, or by submitting recipes via the United States Postal Service. This is very simple and will be reviewed by our staff. Your name will be printed with each of your recipes. For recipes with multiple contributor names, only the first name will appear in a contributor index.

Reserve Your Copy

    To submit through the internet. Go to and click ‘Login’.

    Enter the User Name: Bronislaus

    Enter Contributor Password: butter162

    Recipe Writing Tips

    Use these tips to ensure recipes are accurate, clear, and uniform.

    1. List ingredients in the order used. Make sure all ingredients are included in the directions.
    2. Include all amounts and container sizes: 2 (8-oz.) cans, 1 (14-oz.) pkg. Use parenthesis to separate amounts.
    3. Abbreviate measurements in the ingredients list (see standard abbreviations below), but spell them out in the directions.
    4. Be consistent with names, ingredients, etc., e.g., don’t use “1 c. butter” on some recipes and “2 sticks butter” on others.
    5. Use ingredient names in the directions, e.g., use “Combine flour and sugar” rather than statements such as “Combine the first two ingredients.”
    6. Include temperatures and all cooking, chilling, baking, or freezing times.
    7. Make sure ingredients and directions are clear, thorough, and accurate. For example, don’t assume the reader knows how to make yeast bread.
    8. Submit recipes exactly as you want them to appear.
    9. Write directions in 1 paragraph. Do not submit recipes in steps, columns, charts, or as an entire paragraph.
    10. Ingredients may include trademarked names, e.g., Miracle Whip. ® Do NOT use trademarked words for recipe titles. If used, they will be replaced with an acceptable alternative, e.g., Kentucky Derby® Pie will become Chocolate Nut Pie.
    Reserve Your Copy Today!

    Thank you for contributing recipes as this will help to ensure that our cookbook will be a huge success. We anticipate a great demand for our cookbooks, and we want to be certain to order plenty. You can reserve one or more for yourself and your family at this time to be assured of receiving them. We will send you a notice when we know the cost which we believe will be $15 but will not exceed $20 and may be as low as $12. (Pre-ordered and prepaid cookbooks will have shipping and handling fees waived.)

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