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The Stations of the Cross

Tradition holds that after Christ’s death and resurrection, the Blessed Mother retraced Jesus’ last day every day. Over the centuries following Christ’s Resurrection, this practice transformed into what we know as the Stations of the Cross today. To put it simply, the Good News continued to spread, and so did the popularity of following in the footsteps of Christ, either in the Holy Land or with the stations elsewhere. However, it wasn’t until 1462 that the word “stations” was associated with this pilgrimage, either a replicated one or through the original sites; historians credit William Wey with the term “stations.”

Remembering the Stations of the Cross, walking with Jesus, and taking up our own crosses as Jesus calls us to do, we are pulled out of our selfishness. We become more willing to be patient, love, and sacrifice. We become more like the people God created us to be when we remember Christ’s sacrifice.

Come pray the Stations of the Cross at the Black Madonna Shrine this Lenten season as a walking meditation honoring Christ’s last day.

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